3 Jun 2014

Klara´s Point is Moving!

Hello guys, I have a BIG surprise to reveal today! After more than two years on Blogger, I have decided that it´s time to move on and "upgrade" my blog on its own website www.klaraspoint.com. The whole process of preparation took a lot of time, but now it´s ready and I can´t be more excited to hear what you think! From now on, see you on klaraspoint.com! :-) 

Tak a je to tady, chci vám oznámit velkou novinu! Po více než dvou letech na Bloggeru jsem postupně došla k názoru, že je čas se posunout dál a že si blog zaslouží vlastní stránky. Následovala dlouhá (nekonečně dlouhá!) fáze příprav a nyní vám konečně můžu představit Klara´s Point v nové podobě na www.klaraspoint.com, kde se s vámi budu odteď potkávat. Jsem moc zvědavá, jak se vám nové stránky líbí! :-)

29 May 2014

Red/Black DVF Dress

Generally I don´t like to take pictures for my blog right before leaving for an event. The reason? I´m always lateeee! :-)))))  These shots were taken last weekend in a typical hurry before leaving for a party. Starring: a georgeous lace mini dress from Diane von Furstenberg.

25 May 2014

In a Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.

                                              - Ezra Pound (1913)

22 May 2014

Summer Co-ords

The summer is almost here and the wonderful sunny weather outside inspires me with new ideas for my summery closet. There are three things I´d like to purchase for the upcoming season -  a maxi dress, sandals and a cropped top with a matching bottom (skirt/skort/shorts - I´m quite open). :-) I found these three cool co-ords from Ark, so perfect for the beach! I cannot decide which one to choose, so I´d like to ask you, which one do you vote for? The dogtooth one, the white one or the pink one? Thanks for your advice!

19 May 2014

Geometric Dress & My Old Ray Bans

The Belgian weather is just lovely these days! I can´t wait to explore all my summer dresses... 
Btw, these Ray Ban sunglasses are the oldest piece in my "collection", I got them at the age of eighteen... :-)