12 Apr 2014

Sarah Josis SS14

As I promised, here are the pictures and video from the fashion show of a Belgian designer Sarah Josis. In a great venue of Studio 53, Sarah has presented her beautiful fresh-coloured collection for spring/summer 2014 called "A l'origine, il y avait la fleur" ("Originally, there was a flower"). Enjoy! 

10 Apr 2014

In the Sea of Bluebells

If you´re around Brussels, I can recommend you a perfect place for a small trip - Hallerbos, a forest where a beautiful carpet of bluebells is blooming these days... Their natural beauty (and perfume) is so worth a visit! I better stood on a stump next to the footpath (making my "ballet" poses) to avoid trampling the flowers. :-)

7 Apr 2014

Striped Yogi

Recently I got really enthusiastic about Bikram yoga, a kind of yoga which is practiced in a room heated to over 40°C, so you sweat a lot and exhaust yourself, but the feeling after the workout and gained condition are simply worth it.
I practice diligently, improve
slowly and above all, enjoy it a lot. But I was really surprised when after the last lesson, the instructor came to me and said that I´m actually working out very well and whether I would be interested to take a course and start teaching yoga! Of course, I was very flattered, I have to say that when it comes to sport, I´m really NOT gifted, and with exception of skiing, this was probably the only case I have ever been told compliments about my athletic performance. :-D 

Honestly I´ve got NO idea how I'm gonna find time for this, but I think I´m gonna give it a try. Soon I might become a yoga instructor! 8-)

4 Apr 2014


I realize that the size of my closet goes beyond the resolution of an average heterosexual man.
My boyfriend, for example. When he sees me dressed up, his reaction in 50% of cases is "New again?". Even if he has already
(and provably) seen that clothes many times. Just a little alteration or different accessories and he´s lost.
And my friend, a photographer, claims that just as his five-year-old son sees him as omniscient, just because dad´s knowledge naturally exceeds the horizon of son´s knowledge, I must own an infinite amount of clothes, because it goes beyond his horizon. Simply said, a philosophical phenomenon of natural infinity... :-)
But then please explain me where does my feeling
that I have nothing to wear comes from... :-)