31 Dec 2012

Corduroy Loon Pants

These days I´m enjoying the Christmas break in Czech with my family or in the mountains and not really shooting any outfits. So I have to go to the photo-stock: This retro outfit with loon pants is from mid-December.

28 Dec 2012

Army + Peace

Another pre-Christmas outfit. Although I was wearing a coat, of course, now I´d die of cold if I stay outside like this, just in a shirt.

An afterthought - I find it quite funny that I´m wearing a "PEACE" sign belt over a khaki shirt in army style. :-)

26 Dec 2012

Beige Silk Blouse

This is one of my pre-Christmas business-style outfits. Now I´m just iddling at home and stuffing myself with Christmas cookies made by my grandma. :-)

25 Dec 2012

Christmas Chloé

Hi guys, how was your Christmas Day? Did you receive many presents? I must have been a very good girl last year because I received many amazing gifts. :-) This is one of them - wonderful See by Chloé Rubino knot pumps from my boyfriend.

21 Dec 2012

Furla Candy USB

I received this AMAZING Christmas gift in the Furla store in Brussels - an USB key looking like a mini version of my favourite Furla Candy bag. How cool is that?! :-)

20 Dec 2012

Polka Dots with Fur

Good morning guys! I can´t wait for Christmas, what about you? :-)

This is my outfit of last week, in elegant style with pink details and an amazing fake fur neckpiece.

17 Dec 2012

Maybe Too Much of Colours

Are you also so fed up with all those black-grey clothes that we all usually wear in the winter? Well, I am. Nevertheless I think I overdid it a little bit with this Barbie-like outfit. :-D Maybe too much of colours... What do you think?

14 Dec 2012

Rediscovered Sweater

Last weekend I made a general clean-up of my closet and rediscovered this super-warm sweater.

13 Dec 2012

The Dream Maker by Tiffany & Co.

The sparkly "Dream Maker" video by Tiffany & Co., full of Christmas present ideas... :-D

12 Dec 2012

Stolen Tie

For this "men´s" outfit, I have stolen my boyfriend´s tie (I hope he won´t start stealing my clothes now...). :-D And, of course, I couldn´t leave out new Karl´s gloves. 

11 Dec 2012

Karl´s Gloves

These amazing studded leather fingerless gloves from Karl Lagerfeld are the latest item in my wardrobe. :-)

7 Dec 2012

Freezing in Fur

No, it really isn´t 20 degrees in Brussels (just in case it´s not visible how I was freezing). I just wanted to show you this outfit without a coat, risking a cold. :-D

6 Dec 2012

Rhapsody in Blue


My weekend outfits are usually simple, cosy and comfortable. In this case with slim jeans, cashmeer sweater, booties and accessories, all in shades of blue.
What´s your favourite weekend outfit?

5 Dec 2012

Caught by a Blogger

Last week George from The People of Brussels blog stopped me on a street and asked me if he could take a photo of me for his blog. What a nice coincidence to randomly meet another blogger! :-) Check out his blog, it´s really great!


4 Dec 2012

70´s Musketeer

One of my favourite outfits, a bit of 70´s retro and a musketeer style. I´ve been wearing this combination for already two seasons and I´m still not bored with it. What about you, do you like retro style? :-) 

3 Dec 2012

Red Riding Hood

My first December outfit is by coincidence in Christmas colours. Brussels is all in a Christmas mood these days, streets are already decorated and the famous crazy Christmas tree was placed in Grand Place. Well actually it´s not a Christmas tree but a weird 25-metre luminuous installation... Well at least this Christmas "tree" looks quite durable so hopefully it won´t fall on anyone, like the one in Prague couple of years ago...

30 Nov 2012

Amazing Louis Vuitton and Dior Ads

Today I would like to show you two new advertisements, each different yet both very beautiful and inspirational - dramatic 'L'Invitation au Voyage' from Louis Vuitton and imaginary 'Ors & Merveilles' from Dior. What do you think?

29 Nov 2012

Walking My Louboutins

On the occasion of the first wearing my new pumps from Christian Louboutin, I´ve decided to match them with these cool tights from Viktor & Rolf for H&M which remained unworn in my closet for a pretty long time. Somehow no event was ever good enough for wearing them. For the record, Viktor & Rolf designed their collection for H&M in 2006. :-)   

27 Nov 2012

Christmas Dress


As you can see, I´m ready for Christmas. 8-) I´m not in the Christmas mood yet, I don´t have any Christmas decoration ready and I didn´t buy any Christmas presents yet (OK, I´m kidding, I actually have two but that´s all, and I´m starting to be slightly nervous... Not because I don´t have other presents but because I have no idea what to buy!)... Nevertheless, I have a lovely dress that makes me look like a Christmas decoration! :-)))

26 Nov 2012

Brussels Beauty from Shoe on the Cake - Interview

As I´ve promised you last time, here is an interview with Virginie from Shoe on the Cake.

25 Nov 2012

About Dogtooth

On the Czech Original Fashion website you can find lots of fashion inspiration plus an interview with me about dogtooth pattern (in Czech).

And tomorrow you can look forward to an article about Virginie from the Shoe on the Cake!

23 Nov 2012

Brussels Beauty from Shoe on the Cake

I have already mentioned that on my blog I´d like to show you not only my outfits but also styles and outfits of other people that I find inspirational and stylish.
And that´s why I´m happy to introduce you Virginie, a pretty girl from Brussels who is interesting not only for her cool personal style but also for what she does - Virginie is a founder and owner of one of my favourite e-shop called Shoe on the Cake. There you can find amazing shoes, bags and accessories from brands like Hunter, Ash, See by Chloé, House of Harlow, Muks, Sam Edelman, Chiara Ferragni and many others. In other words, Virginie keeps regularly ruining my budget. :-))) 
You can look forward to an interview with Virginie in the next post.

20 Nov 2012

Woolen Hood

Recently this is my favourite outfit for weekends - layers of wool, jeans and my beloved Muks boots. With these boots I would survive even at the North Pole, so mild rainy Belgian winter is a piece of cake. :-)

19 Nov 2012

Oh My... Louboutin!

My latest pair of shoes makes me smile anytime I just spot the box. :-) I queued for these Louboutins in Paris but they´re worth it!

15 Nov 2012

Christmas Wishlist 2012

Here comes my very first attempt to make a collage with photoshop... :-)

Lot´s of Burberry and Zadig & Voltaire, I know, it´s because recently I´m in love with their collections. And of course, I can´t forget Tiffany, Gucci, Alexander McQueen...

13 Nov 2012

With a Coat

Today nothing new, I´m wearing basically the same outfit as yesterday, just the bag and gloves are different. And the coat, of course. It´s sooo cold these days!

12 Nov 2012

Grey Is the New Black

I´m really into grey this season. Actually it seems that I´m turning into a grey mouse. :-) And after my invasion to Kookai in Paris last weekend (what a shame this store is not in Brussels!), I have a couple of new grey items for the winter - a sweater, a dotted scarf and mainly an amazing hat which you will see very often from now on.

9 Nov 2012

Paris Shop Windows

Last week I spent a couple of days in Paris, a city which amazes me with its beauty anytime I visit it. I´m not going to bother you with photos of sightseeings, I´m sure that you have seen them thousand times and from much better photographers than I am. But as this is a fashion blog, I am going to show you this side of Paris - a parade of fabulous shop windows in Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré. Which one is your favourite? For me, the winner is Dior.

P.S. Big thanks to my friend Audrey for a wonderful stay! :-* 

8 Nov 2012


OK, I admit that there are more flattering patterns than horizontal stripes on a knitted dress. :-) But in case of this cool dress from Karen Millen I´ve decided to take this risk.

6 Nov 2012

L'Odyssée Cartier 2012

Do you have a soft spot for fine jewelry? If so, you will definitely enjoy this fairy-tale video that Cartier released this spring.

5 Nov 2012

Something Else

Here I was a bit experimenting with colours and silhouettes, so my outfit was quite different from what I usually wear. What do you think of the result?

2 Nov 2012

Sequin Dress

Sometimes I would like to take pictures with a serious face expression but when I shoot with a good friend of mine, it´s kind of impossible... :-)

This dress was hanging unworn in my closet for many months, I didn´t really know how to wear it. Finally I tried a combination with black tights and golden sandals.

1 Nov 2012

On World by Bella

For my Czech readers: On World by Bella blog you can find an interview with me about chocolate and life in Belgium.

31 Oct 2012

Aime Toi

A Burberry wool duffle coat and fluffy Muks boots (from www.shoeonthecake.com) make a perfect outfit for the first cold days.
Btw, this coat is my latest purchase and it was love for the first sight - so warm, so bright (it feels like Christmas when I wear it :-D) and such a perfect shape! I´m taking it with me to Paris tonight, can´t wait! :-)

30 Oct 2012

Vernissage in Antwerp


Last Wednesday I went to a vernissage of a very tallented architect and artist Michiel van der Bos in Antwerp. And I couldn´t resist to take a couple of outfit pictures in Antwerp by night.

29 Oct 2012

Black & White Experiment

I keep experimenting with photography technics and this time I´ve tried to make my pictures in black and white. I really enjoy the result plus like this you can see better the jeans structure. I add a couple of non-retouched photos as well so you can see the colours of the outfit.

26 Oct 2012

Rock´n´Roll by See by Chloé

When it comes to significant items, I always start with them when composing my outfit. In this case, such item were definitely my pink wedges from See by Chloé.
Well enough theory, this is my "rock´n´roll" outfit.

25 Oct 2012

See by Chloé Booties in Electric Blue

Electric blue suede and silver lamé on a black woollen background – those were the ingredients of my today´s outfit. Although silver lamé usually reminds me of a spacesuit, I couldn´t resist this dashing jacket.

23 Oct 2012

Double Pied de Poule

On Saturday, I tried quite a risky combination of two pieces with a dog-tooth pattern, both in different colours. And I have to say that I really like the result.
I took these pictures by a lovely little church I discovered by chance in Uccle (and of course I forgot its name).
P.S. Yes, I know that I kind of look like Yulia Tymoshenko with this hair-do, I hear that all the time. :-) But there´s a "significant" difference, she has one braid around her head while I have two. ;-)

22 Oct 2012

Velvet Jacket


Good Monday morning everyone! Did your weekend pass as quickly as mine? :-)
Back at work - back to smart outfits. Today I´ve chosen this black-beige combination with a velvet jacket that I really like but don´t wear that often.

18 Oct 2012

Mer du Nord Dress

If I remember well, I got these boots in Bruges in 2008. And they´re still one of my favourites, such a piece of good leather and in addition so comfortable! This time I matched them with a brown dress from Mer du Nord and distinctive earrings.

16 Oct 2012

My Way of Business Dress Code


I´m not a big fan of a business dress code, although it´s supposed to be my daily "uniform". That´s why I´m searching for ways to evade, mainly through colours and modern shapes.

15 Oct 2012

Blue + Trenchcoat

A sporty casual combination wrapped in a classic trenchcoat, that was my yesterday choice.
I´m trying a new photo editor program, in case you´re asking why the photos are a bit greenish today. :-)

12 Oct 2012

Brussels Beauty

Good morning! I was thinking that there´s too much of me on this blog (well it´s my blog but that´s not an excuse :-D) so I´ve decided I´m gonna surprise you with new faces and their styles from time to time.
And here´s my first "victim": Katka has agreed to run the risk to be a model for such an "experienced" photographer as I am... And here´s the result. Isn´t she pretty? :-)

11 Oct 2012

Typical Autumn

If I should define my typical casual autumn outfit, it would be something of this kind... Greyish shades, a woolen coat with pied-de-poule pattern, ankle boots and warm tights or overknee socks. These super-soft ones from Tommy Hilfiger are my favourite.

10 Oct 2012

New Boots In

It´s always better to face the upcoming winter season with new equipment. And here´s mine – three amazing pairs of boots from www.shoeonthecake.com. Blue See by Chloé suede lowboots, grey Ash Jalouse calf suede ankle booties and Muks tall wrap suede and fur boots. Which is your favourite pair?