25 Apr 2012

Furla baby has arrived!

After a long procedure of pre-order and order, my new Furla baby - Candy Rockstar has finally arrived. I´ve become a big Furla Candy Bags fan, have already the amazing black studded one and wear it all the time. When this limited edition was released, I just couldn´t resist. Although I love almost all the pieces in the limited edition (especially the Candy Aerospace), the Rockstar was a clear choice. You are going to see many outfits with this bag! :-)

24 Apr 2012


It seems like the main topic of my blog is weather and not fashion... Once you live in Belgium (or U.K., the Netherlands or something of this kind), weather becomes the main issue as it is permanently dreadful.
So, I can´t take any outdoor pictures because of rainy weather. To be fair, also because I have a lot of work these days.
Therefore I´ve decided to post a couple of quite old photos where I wear the same coat and shoes that I´m actually wearing today. I´m particularly in love with the trench-coat. I have it quite a long time, since spring 2007 I guess. It´s quite Burberry-like, actually I think I like this pattern even more than the Burberry one. What do you think? :-)

22 Apr 2012

Many Points

My favourite dotted dress matching with the blog background...
As an ultimate cats lover I have to call your attention to the photographer´s kitten on the third picture! :-) 

Sun! Finally!

Finally there was a nice sunny weather in Brussels (for a couple of minutes)...

16 Apr 2012

First Point

Hi, here I am with my first blog. It´s going to be about my passion for fashion. 
Hope you will enjoy! :-)