31 Aug 2012

Before the Holidays

Just a simple and comfortable outfit I wore before leaving for my holidays...
I really love this blouse from Zara for its interesting texture and shape. You could have already seen it on me here. I think it makes me look like a light-blue polar bear, and, to my surprise, I really like it. :-D 

29 Aug 2012

Delft Pottery Dress

One of my favourite dresses, it reminds me the Delft pottery... Or a dirndl. :-)
Very proper for informal meetings with potential mothers-in-law and grandmothers-in-law, believe me this dress has always worked in this respect... :-D

26 Aug 2012

Sparkling Spiked Ballerinas

The first outfit with the spiked golden ballerinas - black shorts and blazer.

Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! :-D

23 Aug 2012

Horses II

Here are the photos of the horses that I promised you yesterday.

22 Aug 2012

Horses I

These photos are from the last weekend. The two horses, Fanny and Tanya were just so beautiful that I couldn´t stop taking pictures of them! I took about three hundred photos within one hour, crazy. I can´t put them all in one post, so tomorrow you will see the second half - more about the horses and less the outfit.

20 Aug 2012

Golden Sequin Skirt

This golden sequin skirt is one of my favourite pieces for evening. This time I´ve decided to wear it in a "day" combination. What are your thoughts about it? 

17 Aug 2012


Today I don´t have many photos for you guys. I was wearing a yellow bangle and while taking pictures, a wasp got under it and twice stung me. That´s why I don´t look that excited on the photos.... Sacrifice for fashion... :-)

15 Aug 2012

Vlissingen, NL

On Sunday, I made a trip to Vlissingen in the Netherlands. Although the weather was quite cold and windy for August, I enjoyed sea and beach anyway (as you can se on my "jumping" pictures - AGAIN! :-D).
My outfit? Nothing complicated. Just a tank-top, denim shirt and shorts, and studded loafers.

13 Aug 2012

Sparkling New-In

Today I´ve decided to make a small post about some of my favourite sparkling accessories. Some of them I bought recently, some are older, and some you could have already seen on me.

And while taking pictures, my teddy-bears that I collect were around and wanted to be in the photo, too... :-D Sorry for such an infantile post guys, I promise to be more mature tomorrow. :-)

10 Aug 2012

Golden Belt + Pink Shoes

For a party outfit, I combined a black simple dress with a golden belt and pink shoes. I had also a matching golden-pink evening clutch but I forgot it in the car. :-D

I especially love these shoes, they are the most comfortable heels I have.

7 Aug 2012

Flower Shorts

After the slightly experimental yesterday post (which my readers actually liked, thank you guys!), I felt like going back to my casual style. So here they are - soft colours, flower print, lace and sequins.   

6 Aug 2012

Strict Black

I was thinking of this black "victorian" outfit for some time but didn´t dare to wear it. On Sunday evening, I finally took it out to a theatre. Although this style is not something I do wear or would wear every day, I actually like it. Btw, my boyfriend said I look strict (might be true) and quite scary (really? :-D).

3 Aug 2012

Jimmy Choo´s Leopard

Do you remember when I was in Milan and proudly resisted Jimmy Choo´s loafers? Who was I trying to convince that I can live without them?!? :-D 
After a fight with my boyfriend I went to "have a look" at the Jimmy Choo online store... And as I knew my size, I ordered these leopard beauties, before they get sold out. Do you also shop like crazy when you are depressed?

2 Aug 2012

Blue & White

Wearing blue and white, I´m matching with the house behind me... :-D It might be a new trend, match yourself with your house! 
Yesterday evening it was raining heavily, so I was postponing going out until it stopped raining but then there was already a lack of light for taking photos...