28 Sep 2012

MFW Gucci Spring/Summer 2013

Vogue has called this collection from Gucci "a bright powerful colourful bombshell." Very fitting. The collection was impressive - bright colours and bell sleeves, similar as at Burberry, statement necklaces, ruffles, white gowns, and, oh God, those shoes!

25 Sep 2012

NYFW Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2013

Rachel Zoe, stylist and designer, presented her collection for spring/summer 2013 inspired by iconic Jane Birkin and Talitha Getty. I was impressed by her cool effortless eclectic style. I´d wear literally the whole collection, from colour-blocked dresses to black and white suits or evening gowns. Plus great hats!

24 Sep 2012

Mice in the Park

Last Sunday me and my new pets - mice from Marc Jacobs were enjoying sunshine in the Parc Léopold in Brussels. I hope this weather will last!

21 Sep 2012

Crazy Dress

I bought this dress last Saturday in Antwerp, a city which I totally love (and not only for good shopping).

The print of this dress is just crazy, I´d have never thought of combining dogtooth and checked patterns. But I like the result!

20 Sep 2012

LFW Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013

Photo by www.vogue.com
Fashion weeks are running, after New York and London now it is Milan and upcoming Paris.
In the London Fashion Week, I was in particular astonished by the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Christopher Bailey, its designer, is a genious. I liked everything about his collection, from the selection of colours - shades of raspberry, fuchsia, azure, lime, maroon and gold - via materials - metalic, silk, leather, lace or plastic - to interesting shapes and silhouettes.
And my favourite pieces? It´s hard to choose, probably the plastic transparent bags and trench coats with bell sleeves.

19 Sep 2012

Blue Lace

A dark blue lace top, dark blue jeans and leopard print accessories. What do you say? I think this blouse will be one of my favourites for the upcoming season. Although it´s not really a piece that warms you up... :-D 

18 Sep 2012

Mont Blanc John Lennon Special Edition

Photo by www.growsunday.com

Today´s post is not going to be about fashion but about the most amazing birthday gift I have received: a Mont Blanc John Lennon Special Edition fountain pen. I couldn´t have been more excited! :-) Firstly, I´m a big fountain pen lover. I´ve been writing only with fountain pens since I started going to school, I´ve never switched them for ballpoints, actually I can´t even write well with ballpoint pens, I´m just not used to them. And of course, for a fountain pen lover there´s nothing like a superior Mont Blanc pen, so beautiful and classy.

And to double my excitement, my pen is from the John Lennon Special Edition. Guys, I´m such a huge John Lennon´s fan! Growing up with his poster in my room, listening to his music, reading books about him, you know, fans´ stuff... :-D

17 Sep 2012

Chloe Wedges + Ballerina Skirt

Another combination with my See by Chloe wedges – a black ballerina jacket and leather jacket. I´ve noticed that I´m slowly starting to wear darker colours... Well the autumn is here, unfortunately... :-(

13 Sep 2012

Replay the Stars

I´ve just discovered a new photo editor program and might have overdid it a little with all the sparkling effects... :-D At least they match with the blouse... :-)

I bought this star blouse in Zara already a couple of years ago and never got bored with it. The same applies to the similar headband, it´s almost vintage. White Replay jeans are an obvious match while these turquoise shoes and the purple clutch from Karen Millen are a new combination.

11 Sep 2012

With Grey Studded Mouse Ballerinas

I was so looking forward for this post! Finally I can introduce you a newbie in my shoecase - grey studded mouse ballerinas from Marc by Marc Jacobs. They are the cutest pair of shoes I know! I think you can see my excitement even in the pictures. :-)
For the first outfit, I decided to match them with my black studded Furla Candy Bag.

10 Sep 2012

Jimmy Choos for a Dinner

One of my recently favourite outfits - a loose-fitting top, shorts and flats (I´m somehow lazy to wear heels these days). It´s possible to wear this in so many variants! In this case, I opted for a simple black and white combination where my favourite leopard loafers from Jimmy Choo played the leading role.

By the way, that bottle of cava appears in one of the pictures because I was just on my to a dinner with my friends and the bottle came into the shot. Not because there would be bottles of alcohol commonly standing in streets of Brussels (at least not in this district). :-) 

8 Sep 2012

Rhodos II

Some more pictures from the beautiful Rhodos island... Have a great day everybody!

7 Sep 2012

Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerinas

Photo by www.lyst.com
Good morning guys, before I continue with photos from Greece, I have a question: What´s your opinion on these grey mouse ballerinas from Marc by Marc Jacobs? I think I´m in love!

6 Sep 2012

Rhodos I

Today I have for you a couple of pictures from my holidays in Rhodos. This island is literally a heaven on Earth...

4 Sep 2012

Flower Jeans + Jack Russell Terrier

After Fanny and Tanya, the beautiful horses you could have already seen here and here, it´s time to introduce you their new best friend Patch, an adorable Jack Russell terrier that just wants to play all day long. :-)

My outfit was easy and comfortable. Well actually not really... As the golden ballerinas had completely destroyed my feet (who says that flat shoes are comfortable and heels aren´t?), in the afternoon I had to change for beige Salvatore Ferragamo ballerinas. And in the end I even prefered the SF ones for this outfit.

3 Sep 2012

Sporty Girl

Here is the first outfit with my new controversial See by Chloe wedges. I´m planning to wear them in many different styles but the first style was obvious - sporty. What are your thoughts on that?

1 Sep 2012

See by Chloe Wedges

Hi guys, let me introduce you my new Chloe babies, bought on www.shoeonthecake.com (btw, I can only highly recommend this e-shop!).  

When it comes to wedge sneakers, I went though an opinion development - at first I thought they´re the most ugly shoes in the world, later I started accepting them, and even later, I saw these beauties by Chloe... So here they are, pink and mine! :-D

P.S. I´ve just remembered that I actually used to wear a pair of black wedge sneakers when I was about fifteen years old... My grandma bought them for me in Pardubice (that´s a town in East Bohemia) and I was totally excited about them. Apparently, this type of shoes has deep roots for me... :-D