31 Dec 2012

Corduroy Loon Pants

These days I´m enjoying the Christmas break in Czech with my family or in the mountains and not really shooting any outfits. So I have to go to the photo-stock: This retro outfit with loon pants is from mid-December.

28 Dec 2012

Army + Peace

Another pre-Christmas outfit. Although I was wearing a coat, of course, now I´d die of cold if I stay outside like this, just in a shirt.

An afterthought - I find it quite funny that I´m wearing a "PEACE" sign belt over a khaki shirt in army style. :-)

26 Dec 2012

Beige Silk Blouse

This is one of my pre-Christmas business-style outfits. Now I´m just iddling at home and stuffing myself with Christmas cookies made by my grandma. :-)

25 Dec 2012

Christmas Chloé

Hi guys, how was your Christmas Day? Did you receive many presents? I must have been a very good girl last year because I received many amazing gifts. :-) This is one of them - wonderful See by Chloé Rubino knot pumps from my boyfriend.

21 Dec 2012

Furla Candy USB

I received this AMAZING Christmas gift in the Furla store in Brussels - an USB key looking like a mini version of my favourite Furla Candy bag. How cool is that?! :-)

20 Dec 2012

Polka Dots with Fur

Good morning guys! I can´t wait for Christmas, what about you? :-)

This is my outfit of last week, in elegant style with pink details and an amazing fake fur neckpiece.

17 Dec 2012

Maybe Too Much of Colours

Are you also so fed up with all those black-grey clothes that we all usually wear in the winter? Well, I am. Nevertheless I think I overdid it a little bit with this Barbie-like outfit. :-D Maybe too much of colours... What do you think?

14 Dec 2012

Rediscovered Sweater

Last weekend I made a general clean-up of my closet and rediscovered this super-warm sweater.

13 Dec 2012

The Dream Maker by Tiffany & Co.

The sparkly "Dream Maker" video by Tiffany & Co., full of Christmas present ideas... :-D

12 Dec 2012

Stolen Tie

For this "men´s" outfit, I have stolen my boyfriend´s tie (I hope he won´t start stealing my clothes now...). :-D And, of course, I couldn´t leave out new Karl´s gloves. 

11 Dec 2012

Karl´s Gloves

These amazing studded leather fingerless gloves from Karl Lagerfeld are the latest item in my wardrobe. :-)

7 Dec 2012

Freezing in Fur

No, it really isn´t 20 degrees in Brussels (just in case it´s not visible how I was freezing). I just wanted to show you this outfit without a coat, risking a cold. :-D

6 Dec 2012

Rhapsody in Blue


My weekend outfits are usually simple, cosy and comfortable. In this case with slim jeans, cashmeer sweater, booties and accessories, all in shades of blue.
What´s your favourite weekend outfit?

5 Dec 2012

Caught by a Blogger

Last week George from The People of Brussels blog stopped me on a street and asked me if he could take a photo of me for his blog. What a nice coincidence to randomly meet another blogger! :-) Check out his blog, it´s really great!


4 Dec 2012

70´s Musketeer

One of my favourite outfits, a bit of 70´s retro and a musketeer style. I´ve been wearing this combination for already two seasons and I´m still not bored with it. What about you, do you like retro style? :-) 

3 Dec 2012

Red Riding Hood

My first December outfit is by coincidence in Christmas colours. Brussels is all in a Christmas mood these days, streets are already decorated and the famous crazy Christmas tree was placed in Grand Place. Well actually it´s not a Christmas tree but a weird 25-metre luminuous installation... Well at least this Christmas "tree" looks quite durable so hopefully it won´t fall on anyone, like the one in Prague couple of years ago...