26 Dec 2013

Grey Feather Bolero

Hi guys, do you enjoy your Christmas time? I´m in Czech, spending time with my family and eating everything my grandma cooks and bakes (and she does it nonstop)! :-))) 
This is my outfit from last week, with new stuff from London - Levi´s skinnies, a kind of opulent feather bolero and an enamel skull ring from Alexander McQueen that didn´t leave my finger since I bought it! :-) And last but not least are the earrings, I got them in a small vintage store in Notting Hill.

20 Dec 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

I bought this fox-print dress during sales in River Island in London. It´s a very simple knitted piece, no fashion fad, but its funny print just got me. :-)

19 Dec 2013

Need Your Likes!


Hi guys, I need your help! I´m participating in a contest of Studio 53 where I can win a dress upon my choice from Sarah Josis, a designer from Studio 53. You know, a girl always needs new dresses haha! What I need is to get the most likes of my picture with a logo of Studio 53 on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151930032153392&set=o.427782257286171&type=1&theater. So, what do you think, does such a silly photo of me deserve your "like"? :-)

18 Dec 2013

Stockholm II


Besides the Stockholm old town, I went to see Vasa, a giant Swedish warship built in 17th century. Its construction nearly ruined the Swedish royal treasury and then it sank during its first voyage just after leaving the port. 
I also visited Skansen, the first open-air museum in Sweden. It´s a truly magical place and if you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the Christmas elf Tomten there. And if you're REALLY lucky, he'll jump into the shot by himself ... :-)))

16 Dec 2013

Stockholm I

Hi guys, how do you spend the pre-Christmas time? I went for a little trip to Stockholm and let me tell you it was amazing! Stockholm is such a lovely city and looks even more beautiful now with all the Christmas decorations. 
From the pictures you might get an impression that I was going out only at night, but the thing is that in this time of the year sunset is already around 3 pm in Sweden. 
Hope you´ll enjoy the loads of pictures! :-)

15 Dec 2013

Fur with Mauve

I prefer to wear very warm & comfy clothes these days (still having a cold). A cashmeer sweater, silk scarf and faux fur coat are a perfect pick. My jeans are new, got them in London. When I bought them, the shop assistant forgot to remove that plastic security beeper, I didn´t notice it´s still there and as I wore the jeans immediately the next day, I was beeping in each store I entered. Very blond... :-)

8 Dec 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013

My "modest" Christmas wishlist, pretty much inspired by the trip to London...

And btw, I really wish to have a cat (I´m writing this just in case my boyfriend reads this blog sometimes - it´s my little blackmail). :-)

7 Dec 2013


You know this feeling when you really like some kind of style but don´t dare to wear it yourself? Well I have this with tomboyish - men´s style, I really dig it, but always on the others... So, this time I have decided to bravely break the rule and try to dress myself kind of this way for once... 

6 Dec 2013

London II

We all have our own preferences but when it comes to shopping, London is my favourite. In the field of high fashion, the Parisian 'Golden Triangle' surely is a tough competition, and the same applies to Brera in Milan. But in terms of street fashion, London wins the game for me.

I started my London shopping spree quite classically: by walking through Oxford Street - Regent Street - Old and New Bond Street, followed by Selfridge & Co., Harrods and Harvey Nichols (I swear I could spend all day there... My boyfriend gets eye twitching when I just mention HN´s name now... :-D). It was the first time I went to the charming district of Notting Hill, known (except for the movie) for its markets, vintage shops and flea markets. Last but not least was lovely Covent Garden, I planned to buy some Christmas gifts there but didn´t really get what I wanted...

4 Dec 2013

London I

It took me a while, but finally here is my new post, this time from a trip to London. Unfortunately I did not enjoy London as much as I planned cause I left Brussels with a cold which got much worse. :-( Well at least I have a good reason to visit London again soon, moreover it´s really close from Brussels, just two hours by train.

Since I've already been to London a few times, I skipped the classic sights and I explored the city from a different point of view. The art galleries planned shrunk to the Tate Modern
only, but I walked around in Notting Hill, did some pre-Christmas shopping in the centre and toured around the city in double-deckers to see as much as I could. :-) Well now I'm  terribly sick, resting at home in my bed, but at least finally I have time for the blog. :-)

29 Nov 2013

Interview with Dorothée

As I promised, here is the interview with lovely Dorothée. 

Brussels Beauty - Dorothée

As I don´t want you guys to get tired of me that quickly :-), let´s continue with the series where I show you my friends whose styles I find particularly inspirational and stylish. Today I would like to introduce you Dorothée, a pretty and vivid girl from Brussels. For me, Dorothée is the kind of girl that looks good in literally everything. Adding her charisma and natural charm, one gets a lovely combination which I tried to catch with my camera. 

You can read the interview with Dorothée in the next post.

26 Nov 2013

The Cat Hat

A classic beige trench coat accompanied with red details and a funny cat-hat I got in Zara last week... What do you think?

23 Nov 2013

The Wrapper

Well I´m obviously fighting with a cold, and furthermore, had a bad-hair day (again, obviously) but hey, this blog is primarily about fashion, so let´s be gentle and focus on my outfit only! :-) This long coat with lapels and belt is my newest equipment to survive Belgian winter. Well, it shouldn´t disappoint me as its composition is 80% wool, 15% mulberry silk and 5% nylon. I´ve never had an elegant long coat of this kind (it looks like a bathrobe, doesn´t it?), so I´m actually quite curious what outfits I´m gonna match it with. The first one, however, was more than clear - a cream turtleneck and skinny jeans.

21 Nov 2013

A Piece of Prague in Brussels

Recently it got pretty cold in Brussels! This is an outfit from last week, with a fluffy coat and sweater. Actually even my clutch is kind of fluffy... :-) Btw, these pics were taken by the Prague House, a hot-spot for Czech compatriots in Brussels.

19 Nov 2013

Bags Wishlist

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag Elephant Grey Leather Pale Gold Hardware

I have always been an ultimate shoe-person, so I can´t believe how much I´m into BAGS recently. These are the beauties I´m recently crazy about. Especially Alexander Wang´s "Rocco" bag in grey is my current obsession!

18 Nov 2013


Last Sunday I made a little trip to Ghent, a medieval town in East Flanders. If you ever come to Belgium, this place is definitely worth a visit. With its network of canals, it reminds you Bruges, just less crowded. If you visit Gent in the summer, do not miss the boat ride, you will see astonishing hidden views inaccessible by foot.

Me, I had to skip the boat ride this time cause the weather got sooo chilly! Thank God I had my faux fur coat with me, so I could change the thin leather jacket I was originally wearing. And to be on the safe side, I holed up in the nearest brasserie... :-)

15 Nov 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Long-awaited Isabel Marant´s collection for H&M was introduced yesterday, preceded by an extensive ad campaign full of famous faces (e.g. Alek Wek, Daria Werbowy, Devon Aoki or Milla Jovovich). Having this day noted in my agenda, yesterday I went curiously to see it.

Guys, I´m really interested in your opinion on the collection. Because frankly speaking, I wasn´t impressed.

13 Nov 2013

Karl! Karl!

Dancing in the rain... :-)))

A few weeks ago, Karl Lagerfeld opened his brand-new ´n´ worth-checking concept store in Antwerp. This time I didn´t buy anything there, my traditional favourites in Karl´s collection are T-shirts and gloves, and I already have both in my closet (you could have already seen them here and here). I was expecting some "Choupette items" but the famous cat didn´t appear in the collection.
Nevertheless I guess I got inspired for this outfit there. Even though I definitely failed to learn Lagerfeld´s classic super serious expression and pose... :-D. For a real Karl-inspired look, I suppose I should be wearing a cat-patterned shirt, too, while it seems to be a fox-motive on my shirt. 

Talking about Karl, I can not leave out this video of Karl interviewing himself that I found only recently through The Man Repeller. The double Kaiser and his rather specific humor are a real must-see. :-)

10 Nov 2013

Dolce&Gabbana: The One

Dolce&Gabbana introduced a short movie for "The One" campaign shot by Martin Scorsese. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey. 

8 Nov 2013

Overknee Socks

I discovered overknee socks in the second grade of primary school and have loved them ever since. I admit they are somewhat (OK, totally!) incompatible with the business dress code so I would never ever wear them to work, anyway I´m not ready yet to give them up for leisure time. :-)

7 Nov 2013


For an elegant b/w Halloween masquerade party, I was dressed as a black angel... So funny to wear wings (and pass through doors with them)! Here are some quick snapshots of my costume...

4 Nov 2013

Karen Millen Dress & Coat

Lots of Karen Millen today, all in black, grey and white colour... I got this dress in Barcelona few years ago, cannot believe it didn´t appear on the blog yet as I wear it a lot. But not as much as this coat which is my favourite for the fall.

31 Oct 2013

China in Brussels

Until recently, I had no idea there´s this beautiful Chinese Pavilion in Brussels. It was a coincidence that I discovered it at the moment when I was searching for a special location for an outfit with these "cosmic" mirrored shades from Ray Ban. I decided to wear them with my favourite party-dress from Zara in the same colour. And I shot this outfit really at the last moment when it was still possible to stay outside like this without dying of cold. :-)

29 Oct 2013

Topshop Fluffies

I often read that fashion bloggers are so excited that autumn is finally here, how much they love this season and how they couldn´t wait to start layering and wearing much more interesting outfits than in summer. Well why not, but that´s definitely NOT my case, I´m a total summer person. Hate cold. But even winter is better than autumn, it´s somehow prettier and at least you can go skiing. And when it comes to layering, my ideal option is a beach dress over bikini. I definitely don´t enjoy wearing the same coats during the fall/winter time and risking a cold when I just try to show you my outfit under the coat. Nevertheless I still have to survive this season somehow. That´s why I got this fluffy warm equipment from Topshop. What about you and the autumn time?

20 Oct 2013

Jana´s Point

Today it´s my pleasure to introduce you my dear friend Jana. She is a flutist, lived and studied in Prague, Milan and now she´s staying in Stockholm. We know each other since childhood and I´ve always liked her style. I find the way she dresses very feminine and elegant and as she´s also a beautiful girl, I am super happy that I finally managed to convince her to appear on my blog. In the next post, you can look forward to the interview with Jana and her second outfit.

18 Oct 2013

Plaid Flannel Dress

So, I went through my wardrobe and this is the result - an outfit entirely made out of old pieces I´ve re-discovered. Well except of the boots, those are from this season. I got this dress in H&M in Prague at least seven years ago, the jacket is about five years old and this bag was bought in Barcelona three years ago. And as an accessory, my grandpa´s watch.
Althought it´s still quite warm in Brussels, I guess this was the last chance to go out with bare legs this year...

17 Oct 2013

Fascinator for a Wedding

Last weekend I wore this outfit for a lovely wedding that took place in Palais des Colonies in Brussels. Let me just say that I loved everything about this wedding, its location, the ceremony, and the bride looked just sooo beautiful!

Unfortunately I was running a bit late and also it was too cold to stay outside without a coat, so we took just a very few snap-shots of my outfit and didn´t really take the best out of the lovely location.

Except of the jewels, my entire outfit was new. Although I really liked this combination, I have to admit that it brought some difficulties... Firstly, as I´m already quite tall, it was really funny to get into the car with a high fascinator on my head... :-D Secondly, I´ve quickly discovered that the dress doesn´t really keep its position and the skirt shifts up after any move I do (a good lesson that I shouldn´t just stand in front of a mirror in the shop next time!). And finally, I confess that wearing brand new Louboutins for more than ten hours wasn´t a piece of cake... Well probably I´m crazy but I would wear this outfit again and again no matter what, it just feels so special! :-) 

9 Oct 2013

Boyfriend Jeans (and My Jealous Boyfriend)

For a change, today I´d like to show you a casual & super comfy outfit from last weekend. And in addition, here is a fresh story with my Belgian boyfriend. This time I dare to write about him in English (and not only in Czech) so he can read it... Well wish me good luck... :-)

So, my Belgian called me in the morning...

"I found a paper note on your car."

Oh my godness, another fine for parking? Am I blocking anyone´s garage? Someone crashed my car??? Plenty of pessimistic scenarios in my head...

Belgian: "Apparently you have a new admirer!"

What the hell???

6 Oct 2013

Lace Back

Hi guys, I´m still in Prague but wanna show you this outfit I shot in Brussels last week in front of an amazing art-nouveau house. I´ve been quite busy recently and now I´m late with posting outfits! 

It´s an all-black outfit with a simple silhouette where all the focus is on details - a lace back and accessories. I´m especially keen on this statement necklace that I discovered in Zara last week. And if I´m not mistaken, this clutch from DVF appears here for the first time, too.

3 Oct 2013

Around the Town

This is my outfit from last week, I was running around the town in Sam Edelman´s "Porter" booties. I´m trying to enjoy the last "bare-legs" days of this lovely Indian summer as much as I can!
Now I´m at the airport waiting for my flight to Prague. Have a great day everyone! :-)

30 Sep 2013

River Island Plaid Shirt

It´s funny how giant I look in the first picture... It reminds me Sgt. Hightower haha (from Police Academy, do you remember?).
You could have already seen this plaid shirt a couple of times, last time I wore it as a dress (see here). Now I´ve tried to tie it at waist.

28 Sep 2013

Manolo Blahnik: Jealousy


Here you can watch Manolo Blahnik´s film debut "Jealousy" presented at the London Fashion week.

25 Sep 2013

Kenzo Leopard Dress

Oh my, I´m so crazy about this off-the-shoulder leopard dress by Kenzo! It´s such a cool and edgy piece, and the print is just incredible. 
Last weekend I wore it for the first time for a wedding of my friends in Brussels. 

23 Sep 2013

In a Hurry

Do you also have those I-have-nothing-to-wear-and-I-am-already-late moments? :-) In such moments of hurry + despair, I usually opt for an obviously colour-matching outfit and black accessories.

20 Sep 2013

Smart Only

Can you believe that I noticed the label "SMART ONLY" only when looking at these pictures? It makes me doubt whether I was actually allowed to stand there... :-D

What do you think of these shoes? It´s a Brazilian brand called Cristofoli I have recently discovered in the Vegas Antwerp store. They have the cutest design inspired with tango dance shoes and I can tell you, they are super comfy! 

18 Sep 2013

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014


Christopher Bailey´s 'English Rose' collection for the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 Show was subtle, tender, truly classy and very feminine... One of my favourite at this London Fashion Week.

16 Sep 2013

Rihanna for River Island

Hi guys, are you also fans of River Island clothes? If so, check out this competition: https://us.riverisland.com/styleinsider/competitions/win-the-rihanna-autumn-collection. It´s a chance to win EVERY piece from the Rihanna for River Island Autumn Collection, in total 56 most amazing pieces!!! The competition closes on 23 September, so hurry up and good luck! :-)

9 Sep 2013

Zara Skort

During the summer, I have been seeing this skort from Zara on most of the fashion bloggers I know. I liked it but decided to get one only now, in the end of the summer. How original... What a trend-catcher I am. :-)))

6 Sep 2013

Yolanda by Louboutin

Even while queuing in front of the Louboutin store in rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, I was still decided that I was going to buy practical nude pumps that match with everything. But when I got in, a pair of stunning peep-toe Yolanda Vernis 100 mm in RED completely stole my heart. They are that kind of shoes that make a shoe lover's heart beat faster. If I know how to make heart shaped emoticons, I´d put at least three lines of them under this post... :-)))

4 Sep 2013

Off to Paris! Day 3

The third day in Paris and walking around the island La Cité and on Av. des Champs-Élysées...

2 Sep 2013

Off to Paris! Day 2

Second day in Paris and a little shopping in the famous Golden Triangle of Paris. Can you find what I bought? :-)

29 Aug 2013

Off to Paris! Day 1

How do you guys spend the end of the summer? Have you been on holidays? 
About a week ago, I went for a small trip to Paris to see my friends and the beautiful city again. The first afternoon I walked around Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden and visited the Louvre museum. In the evening, an opulent dinner with my friends followed and it was sooo good that I even forgot to take pictures. :-) 
Althought I have already been to Louvre several times, I never manage to resist and absurdly take pictures of nearly everything (me along with Japanese), especially the "blockbusters" like Mona Lisa or the Winged Victory of Samothrace. :-) And I always take a picture of myself with the Code of Hammurabi. I have a reasonable suspicion that the people queuing there to take an enthusiastic picture of themselves with the Code were all lawyers... :-)

26 Aug 2013