30 Jan 2013

Wearing a Chignon in the Snow-Fall

Last week it was snowing in Belgium, it doesn´t happen that often here, at least compared to Czech. And thanks to this weather I learnt that
1) when it snows
2) it´s dark,
it´s impossible to shoot pictures (at least with my camera). But as I tried a new chignon, I´m uploading these photos despite the low image quality. :-)

27 Jan 2013

SMETS in Brussels

SMETS is a chain of concept stores from Luxembourg, I´ve just discovered one in Brussels. Very cool place with amazing brands! Guess which picture shows my shopping-capture... :-)

25 Jan 2013

Milan Men’s Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

I have to admit that I don´t know much about men´s fashion. But the collections for autumn/winter 2013 that we could see in the Milan Men’s Fashion Week were definitely worth checking. Some of the designers were rather playing safe and presented very classic and conventional collections (to say the truth, that´s the way I like men´s fashion), others like Armani dared to be bolder (but probably less wearable).
What´s your opinion on men´s fashion?

24 Jan 2013

Pink Cashmeer Sweater

The third outfit with the Tommy Hilfiger coat is in a similar colour combination as the first one on Monday but more in a sporty style.
Now I´m curious, which outfit out of the three of this week is your favourite?

22 Jan 2013

Looking Like Karl in a Shirt by Ralph Lauren

For the second outfit with the Tommy Hilfiger coat I took a Ralph Lauren white shirt with a huge bow, one of my favourite pieces. I think it makes me look like something between a musketeer (again) and Karl Lagerfeld (for Karl´s complete look I´m actually wearing his fingerless gloves). ;-)

21 Jan 2013

Pink Cashmeer Dress

Last week I have been wearing a lot one of my favourite coats, a woolen one with dog-tooth pattern from Tommy Hilfiger. This week I´m going to show you three possibilities how I wore it. :-)

18 Jan 2013

Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and Karl

Hi guys, what about you and sales? Did you get anything? As I spent the beginning of this year on holidays in the mountains, I didn´t have a chance to go sales-shopping (thank God! :-D). Nevertheless, I didn´t resist completely and made a few purchases on internet: Miu Miu boots, Alexander McQueen bracelet and Karl Lagerfeld´s T-shirt, all bought on www.net-a-porter.com. Btw, I have only a good experience with net-a-porter. This time they carefully kept me informed about a little shipping delay due to sales and in the end upgraded the shipping method from standard to express for free and later even credited my account with 25 € for my next purchases to compensate this small inconvenience... How lovely it that?! :-)

17 Jan 2013

The Prague State Opera

Do you like opera? I´m no expert but quite a fan, so I took the oportunity to see Il barbiere di Siviglia (which I´ve never seen before) when I was in Prague after the New Year´s Eve. Despite having a terrible cold, I powdered my red nose and hit for the theatre. :-)

15 Jan 2013

In Alcron Hotel, Prague

This year I spent my Christmas holidays in Czech, between mountains, Prague and my hometown. In Prague I went to opera with my boyfriend (you can see the pictures from the theatre in the next post) and slept in one of the most beautiful hotel I´ve ever stayed in - the elegant art deco Alcron Hotel. The hotel itself and our suite with a view of the Prague Castle were just amazing, not speaking about the Michelin star restaurant, so I couldn´t resist to take a couple of pictures. Although I was having a cold, I still had fun like a kid there! (See the photo bellow... :-D)

14 Jan 2013

Pink "Practical" Purchases

Today I have a “serious” question for you, what kind of shopper are you? Do you spend on tempting but sometimes useless clothes or rather invest in more expensive but high-quality and timeless pieces? Or a combination of both?

When I tried to put myself into one of these categories, I realized that I am somewhere in between - a specialist in spending on expensive but useless stuff. 8-) When something is apparently extremely impractical, but AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL, it´ll surely be a clear pick for me. Especially when it comes to super-extra-high heels, huge hats, "warm" fingerless gloves made of thin leather, warm tops with an open back and anything for the beach (where I actually spend about two weeks per year).
The only little thing which I have improved in is that I do not purchase "itchy" clothes anymore. Although I´ve been super sensitive to itchy clothes since I was a kid, in shops I always convinced myself that "actually this sweater doesn´t itch so much," or "I´ll wear a tank top under and it´s gonna be ok"... Nonsense, a woolen sweater would be itchy even if I wear a spacesuit under. Not to mention the trousers. Wide wool trousers in men’s style are my unfulfilled dream (I made a few attempts which my friend benefits from now).

That's why I have a big crush on cashmere - is soft, warm and never itchy. Last week I went to buy a cashmere sweater. My goal was clear - something practical in neutral colours like black/gray/beige and preferably a cardigan. My result - I bought nothing neutral but I a bright pink turtleneck pullover (it´s not my fault, I just look better in bright colours! I tried a grey sweater as well but looked like my great-grandfather in it...) and a cashmere dress in the same (!!!) colour (probably because all knit dresses are sooo practical and don´t lose their shapes at all... ;-) Let´s hope this dress is not gonna turn into a shoddy rug after second washing...). 

Not that I love only pink, I´m into all bright colours. And distinctive clothing in general. No care about practicality. The same about timelessness. 8-) 

The only thing is, now I need a black cardigan that I originally intended to buy to wear over the new dress. :-D Maybe next time. Respectively maybe next time they won´t sell anything temptingly impractical... :-)

What about you and practical purchases?  

11 Jan 2013

Cool Hairdo

Good morning guys! Today I´d like to show you a hairdo that I tried during Christmas. It´s very practical and holds perfectly the whole day. It was done by my hair-dresser and I have promissed myself to learn how to do it. :-)

10 Jan 2013

New Year´s Eve Dress-to-Be

Originally I planned to wear this beautiful sequin dress for the first time at a New Year´s Eve party, but I couldn´t resist and took it already for a pre-Christmas party in December. Fortunately I took a couple of pictures then with my compact camera because in the end I spend my NYE completely differently - in mountains on a slope in a totally non-stylish outfit with a funny leopard cap on my head. :-D The Louboutins would definitely not have fit there, but I had so much fun! :-)

8 Jan 2013

Green Scarf

This is an outfit from mid-December, I combined my favourite coat with a vintage green pashmina.

7 Jan 2013

Gucci Scarf

This Gucci scarf is an exciting newbie in my closet. :-) You could have seen it already here in my wishlist.

4 Jan 2013

On Chic Sicily

Jana from Chic Sicily is definitely one of my favourite fashion bloggers - stylish, tasteful and above all very pretty and smart. Therefore you can imagine how excited I was when she approached me to contribute to her (and my favorite) "What's in my bag" section. So if you wanna know what I carry in my bag, check out this article on Chic Sicily.

3 Jan 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara

New beauties from Salvatore Ferragamo - so pretty and comfortable! I can´t wait for spring to wear them. 

1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year

I wish all of you a happy new year! I hope that 2013 will be a great year for you!