27 Mar 2013

Sam Edelman Beauties


New Sam Edelman "Reagan" pumps in neon coral snake leather with silver sole and heel - that´s what I call a shoe perfection... :-)

22 Mar 2013

Striped Pullover


Today´s simple combination of a striped pullover, black slim jeans and classic pumps livened up with a bright clutch...

21 Mar 2013

Dark Green Shorts


I have these shorts for so long that I can almost call them vintage, although they haven´t appeared on the blog yet...

19 Mar 2013

Nerdy Me

The older I am the more diopters I need, and the only advantage is that once in a while I get new glasses. These are my latest from Tom Ford and I´ve convinced myself that they make me look awfully smart. 8-)

18 Mar 2013

Freezing in Sandals

I admit that I could have worn more meaningful shoes as it doesn´t make any sense to wear sandals in the winter... And I also admit that I felt really cold and had to go to change my shoes later... But I got these beauties for Christmas and just couldn´t wait to wear them anymore! OK, I´m probably crazy, but receiving summer shoes in the winter is a pure torture for me. And as my birthday is in summer, I´d like to suggest to all my potential shoe-donators to offer me summer shoes for my birthday and winter shoes for Christmas, it´d be much more practical and health-protecting... :-)))

15 Mar 2013

The Chanel Jacket

On this link you can find a video about creation of a legendary fashion item - the timeless Chanel jacket...

14 Mar 2013

Faux Fur, Leather and Leopard

This faux fur vest from Replay has quickly become the IT item of my wardrobe... Here I combined it with a leather skirt and leopard accessories.

13 Mar 2013

Karen Millen Trench Coat

My outfit from the last weekend - a military trench coat from Karen Millen, faux leather pants, Miu Miu silver booties and Karl´s leather gloves. What do you think?

12 Mar 2013

Orange Skirt


A free-time outfit from last (warm) week... Today it would be impossible to be dressed like this as Brussels is all white after the last night snowfall. :-)

11 Mar 2013

Three Shades of Gray

This is an outfit from the last week. And I really hope that spring will come very soon and these will be my last pictures with a cold and red nose for a long time. :-)

8 Mar 2013

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013 - 2014

So cool Marc Jacobs in Louis Vuitton... :-)

Freshly pics from the Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013...

7 Mar 2013

Fur in the Sun


The first warm(er) and sunny weather is so lovely that I´ve almost forgotten the terrible cold I´m having...

6 Mar 2013

Red Studded Booties Again

If you think that this hat has quite an unusual shape, you´re right - it´s been like that since once in Belgium I was getting out of a train and a broken door shut my head. If now you think that in my case this explains a lot, believe me it´s not because of the doors... :-D

5 Mar 2013

Black on Black

An elegant black outfit - a classic jacket, basic men´s cashmeer sweater and faux leather skirt - spiced up with pink suede pumps...

4 Mar 2013

Karl´s T-shirt

It seems like spring is almost here, it´s about time to take out my new T-shirt from Karl. I´m gonna wear it in plenty of variation, in the first one I´ve combined it with a military trench coat from Karen Millen and faux leather pants. And pumps, of course. :-)