30 Apr 2013

Roman Holiday Day 3

Piazza San Pietro
I spent the whole third day in Vatican - I visited the impressive (and never-ending) Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel (unfortunately it´s not allowed to take photos there) and St. Peter´s Basilica.
Btw, in case you´re planning to visit Rome, I would definitely recommend you to buy your tickets online in advance. Thanks to this we just passed through security checks and avoided queues to buy tickets lasting several hours. Or you can try to come before opening hours (which is not an option for me during holidays :-D).

29 Apr 2013

Roman Holiday Day 2

Sadly being back from Rome, I´m going through about a thousand of pictures we have shot there. The second day, we went to see the Spanish Steps and the amazing Fontana di Trevi. Of course, I didn´t forget to throw a coin with my right hand over my left shoulder to the fountain in order to return to Rome again. :-)

26 Apr 2013

Roman Holiday Day 1

I´ve really been looking forward to this trip - ROME! An amazing city I´ve never been to before. These are photos from the first day, as a typical tourist I visited the Colosseum and Forum Romanum.

24 Apr 2013

Goose Attack

On Sunday, I wore a Missoni-style dress from River Island for a walk in the Brussels park Le Bois de la Cambre.
Check also the last two pictures of this post to see how my photographer got horrifyingly attacked by a male Canadian goose protecting his nesting female (she must have been very proud of him!). :-D

22 Apr 2013

With a French Braid


Dressed in business style today, I´m loving the match of the flower pattern on the turtleneck top with the ancient style belt...

19 Apr 2013

(No) Squirrel Trail

Last Sunday, dressed in a silver spacesuit-like jacket and boots, I took a small walk in Le Bois de la Cambre, a Brussels park where, according to my boyfriend, squirrels are guaranteed to regularly occur around the Le Sentier des Écureuils (something like a "squirrel trail"). Well, it was a nice walk, but we didn´t see even one squirrel. Either they got scared of us (probably they´ve never seen a spacewoman 8-) ), or have moved to an unknown destination...

15 Apr 2013

Very Simple

Finally the weather is warm enough for peep-toe pumps worn barefoot! This time I matched the Sam Edelman neon pumps with jeans and a classic black jacket...

12 Apr 2013


Easy and comfortable - a wide skirt, cashmeer sweater and flat booties. Btw, when I bought this black sweater, I thought it´s gonna be a very wearable and practical piece, but still I couldn´t expect it to become such a must I was wearing almost the whole winter...

10 Apr 2013

7/8 Trousers


Of course, it wasn´t that warm to wear short sleeves in Brussels, but not that cold either so I could show you my outfit without a coat. I´ve never been into 7/8 trousers, but recently these sixties-style pants really got me...

8 Apr 2013

I Need Colour Colour


Seems like spring has finally arrived to Brussels, this time for real...
Have a good Monday everyone!

3 Apr 2013

It Used To Be YSL...

Not enough that “Yves” was deleted from Yves Saint Laurent last year and the brand was senselessly renamed to Saint Laurent Paris. Now Marilyn Manson was chosen as the face of the newest menswear campaign of former YSL! And as a top-up, Courtney Love is the new face of the womenswear campaign. Honestly, I have no words... Why such a brutal change of identity of this iconic brand? :-(

2 Apr 2013

Boyfriend Jeans


This is my first brand-new pair of super-comfy "boyfriend jeans". It feels a little unaccustomed, I´m used to wear rather skinny jeans that make a completely different silhouette... Well, I do like BJ with heels like this, but I already have doubts whether I´ll ever dare to wear them without heels. :-) But hey, one should try everything once.