29 Jun 2013

The End of Google Reader - Follow Me on Bloglovin

As you probably know, Google Reader is closing from the 1st July. If you don´t want to lose the list of blogs you follow, here is the way how to import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin. Don’t forget to follow Klara´s Point! :-)

26 Jun 2013

Vintage Italian Dress

The way I got this dress is quite a story... Some years ago, my best friend used to live in Milan and there she got few vintage dresses from her Italian landlady which she used to wear when she was young. By the way, all the dresses were just stunning. And because this particular one didn´t fit my friend, she gave it to me (thanks a lot!). This dress is from the 70´s and I´m in love with its perfect shape, material and pretty pattern. Well, that´s what I call an Italian quality. :-)

24 Jun 2013

The Ivy Wall

A scarf is not (or rather shouldn´t be) a typical late-June accessory. Nevertheless these days it´s quite handy as here in Brussels the weather got much colder compared to the last week (and in addition I´m having a cold)...

21 Jun 2013

Zebras on My Feet

On Wednesday super hot evening I got a genious idea to go to the gym... Well the A/C obviously did not work there, so I basically got an hour and half of Bikram yoga (with running and spinning instead of yoga)... After such load, you cannot expect more from me than an easy combo of a loose shirt, shorts and sandals, with an "intentionally" messy braid. :-)

18 Jun 2013

Little White Dress

It seems to be much more difficult to find a perfect little white dress than a black one... That´s why I´m double excited about this LWD with leather trimms, such a perfect piece for summer!

12 Jun 2013

Sea Colours

One of my favourite dresses, you could have already seen it here... This time I matched it with accessories in similar colours (and even with the door behind me). :-)

7 Jun 2013

Pink Metallic Skirt

Sorry guys for these shadowy photos where you can hardly recognize me... The weather in Belgium is such that there are not many opportunities to learn how to deal with sharp sunlight in the pictures... Hope you´ll enjoy the outfit anyway! :-)

5 Jun 2013

Orange Midi Skirt

I had been searching for a midi circle skirt in bright colour for quite a long time... Finally I ordered this orange one from ASOS and, despite my initial doubts, it exceeded my expectations!

3 Jun 2013