29 Aug 2013

Off to Paris! Day 1

How do you guys spend the end of the summer? Have you been on holidays? 
About a week ago, I went for a small trip to Paris to see my friends and the beautiful city again. The first afternoon I walked around Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden and visited the Louvre museum. In the evening, an opulent dinner with my friends followed and it was sooo good that I even forgot to take pictures. :-) 
Althought I have already been to Louvre several times, I never manage to resist and absurdly take pictures of nearly everything (me along with Japanese), especially the "blockbusters" like Mona Lisa or the Winged Victory of Samothrace. :-) And I always take a picture of myself with the Code of Hammurabi. I have a reasonable suspicion that the people queuing there to take an enthusiastic picture of themselves with the Code were all lawyers... :-)

26 Aug 2013

22 Aug 2013

Museum Kampa, Prague

In Prague, I went with my friend Jana (you´ll be able to see her and her outfits in some of the next posts :-) ) to see the exhibition Judith on Kampa: Klimt / Mucha / Kupka in the Museum Kampa (where we took most of these pictures). We really liked the exhibition but due to a super strong A/C we had to go through very quickly. So if you plan to see it, don´t forget to take a heavy overcoat, you´ll have to face a real wind chill. :-) 

20 Aug 2013

Tiffany & Co. Daisy Necklace

Today I´m super happy to introduce my first Tiffany necklace. It´s a silver+diamond key in a shape of a daisy that I wanted for really long and received for my nameday from my love... :-)

19 Aug 2013

All Stripes


I shot this striped look with neon details just before leaving for Prague. There are no new pieces in this outfit but I love the result and wonder how it is possible that I did not think of this combination earlier. :-)

15 Aug 2013

Zizkov, Prague

Last week I spent a few days in Prague and met some good "old" friends of mine. :-) And my friend Jana took these amazing photos in a Prague district called Zizkov. I was wearing my new hat that I got in Zara Men in sales. What do you think?
And btw, I´ve just googled that the statue of Jan Žižka, a Czech medieval leader, is the third largest bronze equestrian statue in the world. Well, it definitely is HUGE...

12 Aug 2013

Go Finland!

Although I have never been to Finland, I think it´s an attractive country (well except when Czechs play with Finns in ice-hockey :-D). What do you think of my Finnish-flag inspired dress from Mer du Nord?

P.S. It´s my nameday today, so HAPPY NAMEDAY TO ME! :-D

7 Aug 2013

Maje F/W 2013

Not that I´m looking forward to winter (definitely not at all!), but the Maje campaign for the upcoming season is great enough to be mentioned even in summer.

5 Aug 2013

4 Aug 2013

Wishlist Fall/Winter 2013

Here comes my "modest" (dream-)wishlist with inspitation for the upcoming season. Well it´s not easy to stay humble when the upcoming season brings so many irresistable items (bags especially). :-)

I´d like to get some mirrored shades probably from Ray Ban but can´t decide whether I prefer Aviators (now it´s possible to get them customized! Check it out here...) or Cat 5000 (which are really cool and I don´t have this model yet, contrary to Aviators)... 

2 Aug 2013

Evening in LWD

This little white dress is definitely one of my favourite pieces for this summer... So easy to match with almost anything!