31 Oct 2013

China in Brussels

Until recently, I had no idea there´s this beautiful Chinese Pavilion in Brussels. It was a coincidence that I discovered it at the moment when I was searching for a special location for an outfit with these "cosmic" mirrored shades from Ray Ban. I decided to wear them with my favourite party-dress from Zara in the same colour. And I shot this outfit really at the last moment when it was still possible to stay outside like this without dying of cold. :-)

29 Oct 2013

Topshop Fluffies

I often read that fashion bloggers are so excited that autumn is finally here, how much they love this season and how they couldn´t wait to start layering and wearing much more interesting outfits than in summer. Well why not, but that´s definitely NOT my case, I´m a total summer person. Hate cold. But even winter is better than autumn, it´s somehow prettier and at least you can go skiing. And when it comes to layering, my ideal option is a beach dress over bikini. I definitely don´t enjoy wearing the same coats during the fall/winter time and risking a cold when I just try to show you my outfit under the coat. Nevertheless I still have to survive this season somehow. That´s why I got this fluffy warm equipment from Topshop. What about you and the autumn time?

20 Oct 2013

Jana´s Point

Today it´s my pleasure to introduce you my dear friend Jana. She is a flutist, lived and studied in Prague, Milan and now she´s staying in Stockholm. We know each other since childhood and I´ve always liked her style. I find the way she dresses very feminine and elegant and as she´s also a beautiful girl, I am super happy that I finally managed to convince her to appear on my blog. In the next post, you can look forward to the interview with Jana and her second outfit.

18 Oct 2013

Plaid Flannel Dress

So, I went through my wardrobe and this is the result - an outfit entirely made out of old pieces I´ve re-discovered. Well except of the boots, those are from this season. I got this dress in H&M in Prague at least seven years ago, the jacket is about five years old and this bag was bought in Barcelona three years ago. And as an accessory, my grandpa´s watch.
Althought it´s still quite warm in Brussels, I guess this was the last chance to go out with bare legs this year...

17 Oct 2013

Fascinator for a Wedding

Last weekend I wore this outfit for a lovely wedding that took place in Palais des Colonies in Brussels. Let me just say that I loved everything about this wedding, its location, the ceremony, and the bride looked just sooo beautiful!

Unfortunately I was running a bit late and also it was too cold to stay outside without a coat, so we took just a very few snap-shots of my outfit and didn´t really take the best out of the lovely location.

Except of the jewels, my entire outfit was new. Although I really liked this combination, I have to admit that it brought some difficulties... Firstly, as I´m already quite tall, it was really funny to get into the car with a high fascinator on my head... :-D Secondly, I´ve quickly discovered that the dress doesn´t really keep its position and the skirt shifts up after any move I do (a good lesson that I shouldn´t just stand in front of a mirror in the shop next time!). And finally, I confess that wearing brand new Louboutins for more than ten hours wasn´t a piece of cake... Well probably I´m crazy but I would wear this outfit again and again no matter what, it just feels so special! :-) 

9 Oct 2013

Boyfriend Jeans (and My Jealous Boyfriend)

For a change, today I´d like to show you a casual & super comfy outfit from last weekend. And in addition, here is a fresh story with my Belgian boyfriend. This time I dare to write about him in English (and not only in Czech) so he can read it... Well wish me good luck... :-)

So, my Belgian called me in the morning...

"I found a paper note on your car."

Oh my godness, another fine for parking? Am I blocking anyone´s garage? Someone crashed my car??? Plenty of pessimistic scenarios in my head...

Belgian: "Apparently you have a new admirer!"

What the hell???

6 Oct 2013

Lace Back

Hi guys, I´m still in Prague but wanna show you this outfit I shot in Brussels last week in front of an amazing art-nouveau house. I´ve been quite busy recently and now I´m late with posting outfits! 

It´s an all-black outfit with a simple silhouette where all the focus is on details - a lace back and accessories. I´m especially keen on this statement necklace that I discovered in Zara last week. And if I´m not mistaken, this clutch from DVF appears here for the first time, too.

3 Oct 2013

Around the Town

This is my outfit from last week, I was running around the town in Sam Edelman´s "Porter" booties. I´m trying to enjoy the last "bare-legs" days of this lovely Indian summer as much as I can!
Now I´m at the airport waiting for my flight to Prague. Have a great day everyone! :-)