29 Nov 2013

Interview with Dorothée

As I promised, here is the interview with lovely Dorothée. 

Brussels Beauty - Dorothée

As I don´t want you guys to get tired of me that quickly :-), let´s continue with the series where I show you my friends whose styles I find particularly inspirational and stylish. Today I would like to introduce you Dorothée, a pretty and vivid girl from Brussels. For me, Dorothée is the kind of girl that looks good in literally everything. Adding her charisma and natural charm, one gets a lovely combination which I tried to catch with my camera. 

You can read the interview with Dorothée in the next post.

26 Nov 2013

The Cat Hat

A classic beige trench coat accompanied with red details and a funny cat-hat I got in Zara last week... What do you think?

23 Nov 2013

The Wrapper

Well I´m obviously fighting with a cold, and furthermore, had a bad-hair day (again, obviously) but hey, this blog is primarily about fashion, so let´s be gentle and focus on my outfit only! :-) This long coat with lapels and belt is my newest equipment to survive Belgian winter. Well, it shouldn´t disappoint me as its composition is 80% wool, 15% mulberry silk and 5% nylon. I´ve never had an elegant long coat of this kind (it looks like a bathrobe, doesn´t it?), so I´m actually quite curious what outfits I´m gonna match it with. The first one, however, was more than clear - a cream turtleneck and skinny jeans.

21 Nov 2013

A Piece of Prague in Brussels

Recently it got pretty cold in Brussels! This is an outfit from last week, with a fluffy coat and sweater. Actually even my clutch is kind of fluffy... :-) Btw, these pics were taken by the Prague House, a hot-spot for Czech compatriots in Brussels.

19 Nov 2013

Bags Wishlist

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag Elephant Grey Leather Pale Gold Hardware

I have always been an ultimate shoe-person, so I can´t believe how much I´m into BAGS recently. These are the beauties I´m recently crazy about. Especially Alexander Wang´s "Rocco" bag in grey is my current obsession!

18 Nov 2013


Last Sunday I made a little trip to Ghent, a medieval town in East Flanders. If you ever come to Belgium, this place is definitely worth a visit. With its network of canals, it reminds you Bruges, just less crowded. If you visit Gent in the summer, do not miss the boat ride, you will see astonishing hidden views inaccessible by foot.

Me, I had to skip the boat ride this time cause the weather got sooo chilly! Thank God I had my faux fur coat with me, so I could change the thin leather jacket I was originally wearing. And to be on the safe side, I holed up in the nearest brasserie... :-)

15 Nov 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Long-awaited Isabel Marant´s collection for H&M was introduced yesterday, preceded by an extensive ad campaign full of famous faces (e.g. Alek Wek, Daria Werbowy, Devon Aoki or Milla Jovovich). Having this day noted in my agenda, yesterday I went curiously to see it.

Guys, I´m really interested in your opinion on the collection. Because frankly speaking, I wasn´t impressed.

13 Nov 2013

Karl! Karl!

Dancing in the rain... :-)))

A few weeks ago, Karl Lagerfeld opened his brand-new ´n´ worth-checking concept store in Antwerp. This time I didn´t buy anything there, my traditional favourites in Karl´s collection are T-shirts and gloves, and I already have both in my closet (you could have already seen them here and here). I was expecting some "Choupette items" but the famous cat didn´t appear in the collection.
Nevertheless I guess I got inspired for this outfit there. Even though I definitely failed to learn Lagerfeld´s classic super serious expression and pose... :-D. For a real Karl-inspired look, I suppose I should be wearing a cat-patterned shirt, too, while it seems to be a fox-motive on my shirt. 

Talking about Karl, I can not leave out this video of Karl interviewing himself that I found only recently through The Man Repeller. The double Kaiser and his rather specific humor are a real must-see. :-)

10 Nov 2013

Dolce&Gabbana: The One

Dolce&Gabbana introduced a short movie for "The One" campaign shot by Martin Scorsese. Starring Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey. 

8 Nov 2013

Overknee Socks

I discovered overknee socks in the second grade of primary school and have loved them ever since. I admit they are somewhat (OK, totally!) incompatible with the business dress code so I would never ever wear them to work, anyway I´m not ready yet to give them up for leisure time. :-)

7 Nov 2013


For an elegant b/w Halloween masquerade party, I was dressed as a black angel... So funny to wear wings (and pass through doors with them)! Here are some quick snapshots of my costume...

4 Nov 2013

Karen Millen Dress & Coat

Lots of Karen Millen today, all in black, grey and white colour... I got this dress in Barcelona few years ago, cannot believe it didn´t appear on the blog yet as I wear it a lot. But not as much as this coat which is my favourite for the fall.