3 Jun 2014

Klara´s Point is Moving!

Hello guys, I have a BIG surprise to reveal today! After more than two years on Blogger, I have decided that it´s time to move on and "upgrade" my blog on its own website www.klaraspoint.com. The whole process of preparation took a lot of time, but now it´s ready and I can´t be more excited to hear what you think! From now on, see you on klaraspoint.com! :-) 

Tak a je to tady, chci vám oznámit velkou novinu! Po více než dvou letech na Bloggeru jsem postupně došla k názoru, že je čas se posunout dál a že si blog zaslouží vlastní stránky. Následovala dlouhá (nekonečně dlouhá!) fáze příprav a nyní vám konečně můžu představit Klara´s Point v nové podobě na www.klaraspoint.com, kde se s vámi budu odteď potkávat. Jsem moc zvědavá, jak se vám nové stránky líbí! :-)

29 May 2014

Red/Black DVF Dress

Generally I don´t like to take pictures for my blog right before leaving for an event. The reason? I´m always lateeee! :-)))))  These shots were taken last weekend in a typical hurry before leaving for a party. Starring: a georgeous lace mini dress from Diane von Furstenberg.

25 May 2014

In a Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.

                                              - Ezra Pound (1913)

22 May 2014

Summer Co-ords

The summer is almost here and the wonderful sunny weather outside inspires me with new ideas for my summery closet. There are three things I´d like to purchase for the upcoming season -  a maxi dress, sandals and a cropped top with a matching bottom (skirt/skort/shorts - I´m quite open). :-) I found these three cool co-ords from Ark, so perfect for the beach! I cannot decide which one to choose, so I´d like to ask you, which one do you vote for? The dogtooth one, the white one or the pink one? Thanks for your advice!

19 May 2014

Geometric Dress & My Old Ray Bans

The Belgian weather is just lovely these days! I can´t wait to explore all my summer dresses... 
Btw, these Ray Ban sunglasses are the oldest piece in my "collection", I got them at the age of eighteen... :-)

14 May 2014

Purple Inspiration

What makes you decide what to wear? For me it´s often about rather small things that influence the choice of the whole outfit, such as the colour of nail polish. Few days ago, I polished my toe-nails purple and since then I keep wearing purple/lilac outfits. :-)

12 May 2014

Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store

This month the annual Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store takes place in Brussels, presenting Belgian creators and artists in fields of visual arts, cinema, fashion, design, music, dance, publishing and gastronomy. I was chosen as a model for the fashion shows (although I could boldly engage myself in other areas, too... What about gastronomy - tasting? :-D). Today´s photos are from the fashion show which was a part of the opening ceremony last Friday. 

8 May 2014

Messy Hair

One of my fav outfits - a simple black-beige silhouette combined with bright shoes. Btw, this is how my hair looks like when I fall asleep with my hair wet and uncombed... :-)

6 May 2014

4 May 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!

When I was thirteen, I went with my school for a trip to England. My mission of the trip was clear - as a big Beatles fan I wanted to buy a T-shirt with my dream band. It was my first time in the U.K. and I imagined it as the "Beatles land" where one can get souvenirs with J+P+G+R literally everywhere. To my disappointment, my hunt wasn´t succesfull. At the end of the trip I luckily bought a poster with John Lennon (so precious! :-) ) but no T-shirt at all. 
That´s why when I saw this T-shirt in Forever 21 in Antwerp last weekend, I just couldn´t resist to finally fulfill my teen-age dream. If I were thirteen years old, I´d kill for it. :-)))

2 May 2014

Cat "Model" :-)

Beauty isn´t everything, and it seems that our darling Maurice simply doesn´t have what it takes to be a good model. :-))) Obviously he is NOT strong in posing, and yesterday when my friend and photographer came, Maurice better hid himself above the cupboard. Not a fan of strangers... :-)

30 Apr 2014

Pink DVF Dress

I almost forgot about this outfit! I wore it for christening of my boyfriend´s little nephew Victor. I better took two overcoats - a warm one for the church ceremony and a light jacket for sunny outside.

28 Apr 2014

26 Apr 2014

In Bruges

When I have visitors coming to Belgium, I always take them for a trip to Bruges. A wonderful historic town is listed on the UNESCO heritage list and has an absolutely unique atmosphere. If you have a way to Belgium, Bruges is a place I highly recommend you to explore. :-)

24 Apr 2014

Meet Maurice

So, this is "it" what I brought from Czech. :-) Meet Maurice, a fluffy seven-months-old sweetheart... He didn´t have the easiest start to his life, as he changed his home already three times. So, the plan is to make it all up for him. :-)

22 Apr 2014

So Retro

Finally I´m gonna catch up with the blog! Past two weeks have been pretty hectic, I went to Prague for my graduation ceremony (soon I´ll show you photos!), and as always, I had a very busy schedule in Czech, it´s never a real vacation for me. :-) And most importantly, I brought something absolutely AMAZING with me from Czech... Curious? Just wait for the next post! ;-)

12 Apr 2014

Sarah Josis SS14

As I promised, here are the pictures and video from the fashion show of a Belgian designer Sarah Josis. In a great venue of Studio 53, Sarah has presented her beautiful fresh-coloured collection for spring/summer 2014 called "A l'origine, il y avait la fleur" ("Originally, there was a flower"). Enjoy! 

10 Apr 2014

In the Sea of Bluebells

If you´re around Brussels, I can recommend you a perfect place for a small trip - Hallerbos, a forest where a beautiful carpet of bluebells is blooming these days... Their natural beauty (and perfume) is so worth a visit! I better stood on a stump next to the footpath (making my "ballet" poses) to avoid trampling the flowers. :-)

7 Apr 2014

Striped Yogi

Recently I got really enthusiastic about Bikram yoga, a kind of yoga which is practiced in a room heated to over 40°C, so you sweat a lot and exhaust yourself, but the feeling after the workout and gained condition are simply worth it.
I practice diligently, improve
slowly and above all, enjoy it a lot. But I was really surprised when after the last lesson, the instructor came to me and said that I´m actually working out very well and whether I would be interested to take a course and start teaching yoga! Of course, I was very flattered, I have to say that when it comes to sport, I´m really NOT gifted, and with exception of skiing, this was probably the only case I have ever been told compliments about my athletic performance. :-D 

Honestly I´ve got NO idea how I'm gonna find time for this, but I think I´m gonna give it a try. Soon I might become a yoga instructor! 8-)

4 Apr 2014


I realize that the size of my closet goes beyond the resolution of an average heterosexual man.
My boyfriend, for example. When he sees me dressed up, his reaction in 50% of cases is "New again?". Even if he has already
(and provably) seen that clothes many times. Just a little alteration or different accessories and he´s lost.
And my friend, a photographer, claims that just as his five-year-old son sees him as omniscient, just because dad´s knowledge naturally exceeds the horizon of son´s knowledge, I must own an infinite amount of clothes, because it goes beyond his horizon. Simply said, a philosophical phenomenon of natural infinity... :-)
But then please explain me where my feeling
that I have nothing to wear comes from... :-)

2 Apr 2014

Pink Jeans

These photos are from mid last week when it was still pretty cold in Brussels. I planned to wear such a cute combination of pink jeans with a black chiffon blouse, but once I walked out of the house, my courage to resist the the cold + wind was gone and I quickly turned back for another (and more common) option - a woolen sweater and a leather jacket on top.

31 Mar 2014


Hi guys, how have you been? I spent a great but pretty busy weekend, on Saturday I walked a fashion show of Sarah Josis for spring/summer 2014 (photos soon!) and on Sunday I went sightseeing with my friend Katka who came to visit me in Brussels (finally!). :-)
What about you, did you spend a good weekend? 
And what do you think of my outfit? You could have seen this cashmeer dress already here, but this is the first time I´m wearing it with a belt.

28 Mar 2014

Between the Doors

A combination of powder pink and light grey is one of my favourite for this season. Such a lovely soft match, what do you think?

24 Mar 2014

Gold Sequin Dress

Hi guys, sorry for the today´s post in Czech! I just have no time to write more today. Hope you like the outfit anyway. It´s one of my fav party dresses! :-)

20 Mar 2014

Hello Spring!

The original intention - a simple, light-coloured outfit with no heels. The result - a gray pioneer. :-))) Well, I have to admit that I like the result anyway. :-)

17 Mar 2014

A Flowerbed

I really dig this dress from Zara (and I do so despite my suspicion that it makes me look like a spring flowerbed)... :-)

14 Mar 2014

Horses in the Park

The weather has been really wonderful this week, such a beautiful warm spring has come to Belgium. Which also means that it´s finally time to put on my new silk horse skirt from a Belgian designer Sarah Josis, which was hanging in my closet and waiting for its moment since January.

12 Mar 2014

10 Mar 2014

Golden Mykita Again

The second outfit with gold mirror sunglasses from Mykita is quite different from the previous one - simple lines, minimum of accessories and a classic beige-black colour combination free of patterns.

8 Mar 2014

Midas´ Girl


Today´s golden-toned outfit is inspired by my futuristic shades from Mykita. These sunglasses represent a perfect symbiosis of two trends I really like - mirrored shades and golden accessories.

5 Mar 2014


This time I matched my pink coat with a flower dress from Zara (which combined with a black cashmeer sweater actually looks like a skirt).

1 Mar 2014

Big Scarf, Red Shoes

Hey guys, ready for the weekend? :-) Today I´d like to show you another outfit with the maxi scarf, this time matched with suede wedges. These shoes don´t appear on the blog very often, which is quite strange given how much I actually wear them...

25 Feb 2014

Granny in Brussels!

My beloved granny came to Brussels to visit me and we had the best time together - discovering the city, going on trips around Belgium and enjoying each other. Hope she´s gonna visit me soon again! 
As always, my grandma forbid me to show her pictures on the blog so I won´t do that (such a pity!) except of this photo of us which even she agreed is too nice to be left apart. :-)

23 Feb 2014

DVF in Winter Time

When I got these mirror sunglasses, I thought I would only wear in summer but eventually they became my favourite shades for this winter. But how can I resist them? They somehow fit with almost everything, from denim to a classic wrap dress, like this one from Diane von Furstenberg.

21 Feb 2014

Blanket? Scarf?

What do you think of my new maxi scarf? I got it recently in sales in Zara Men and it´s a highly practical piece which can be used also as a blanket. :-) Photographed just before I got sick. 

18 Feb 2014

Dear Ralph (Lauren)

As I´m still sick and stuck in bed, the only things that save me from a total boredom are watching the Winter Olympics and the ongoing fashion weeks. When checking the photos from New York, I came across the new collection of Ralph Lauren. And I would like to tell Ralph and his team that if ever they don´t know what to do with that beautiful powder-pink furry coat, it would do great in my wardrobe. :-) Btw, I wouldn´t mind those beautiful white pants and turtleneck, too. And, dear Ralph, the same goes for any other piece from your wonderful the collection. ;-) Simply stunning! 

17 Feb 2014

My Boyfriend´s Fashion Blog

That´s what I call a serious competition... :-) Some days ago, my boyfriend, dressed and (unlike me) ready to go, super bored, looks at me as I´m standing in the front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear, and says:

15 Feb 2014

Valentine´s Nails

Hey guys, how did you spend St. Valentine´s Day? Me, I couldn´t enjoy it at all as I´m sick with a terrible tonsilitis... So, I got my nails beautifully done on Thursday and now I can only look at them while staying in bed... Can´t be fed up more! Thank God for the Winter Olympic Games, at least I have something to watch... Go Czech! :-)

14 Feb 2014

Dots, Hearts, Houndstooth

Black and white - what a timeless and elegant combination! In this outfit I decided to spice it up a little with three different patterns - polka dots, houndstooth and hearts on the bag...

Happy Valentine´s Day everyone! :-)

12 Feb 2014


Hey guys, how have you been? Sorry for the break, but I swear I have a good reason for that! These days I have been studying for a defence of my doctoral thesis - a last step to obtain a Doctor of Law degree at the Charles University in Prague - and I succeeded! Yeahhhh I´m sooo happy! 

4 Feb 2014

Hello Rocco Baby

My thrill for the Rocco bag from Alexander Wang is not a new thing... The problem was that I longed for Rocco in "elephant gray", a last-season colour which is not that easy to get anymore, especially in Europe. Finally I was lucky enough to find mine on Monnier Frères. This eshop offers a great choice but delivers only to the UK, Italy, France and Germany, but fortunately I have a network of understanding fashion enthusiasts who are ready to help. ;-) My BIG THANKS to everyone involved! 

29 Jan 2014

Crazy Legs

Recently I moved to a new apartment and this way I came across many "treasures" that were lying forgotten in the deep bottom of my old wardrobe (and frankly speaking, in many cases there was a good reason for that). And these slightly crazy never-worn two-tone tights are a discovery of such kind. Well, I don´t plan to start wearing them on a daily basis, but I think they deserve their little "moment of glory" on the blog... :-)

27 Jan 2014

Stars Around

A weekend walk around the Berlaymont, the headquarters of the European Commission...

24 Jan 2014

All the Stories

For already some time, I have been seeing + admiring clothes from the brand & Other Stories worn by other fashion bloggers or in fashion magazines... But when I entered its store in Stockholm for the first time, I´ve completely fallen in love! Its clothes, shoes and accessories are just incredibly stylish, original and, in addition, for reasonable prices... In Stockholm, I bought this blue neoprene skirt (already here) and an incredible black hat (here), that´s all that the strict baggage conditions of Ryanair allowed me, and I waited patiently for sales. And this is what I finally ordered: a super cozy and warm woolen sweater and a pair of cool silver pumps. And you know what´s the best news? Stories are gonna open a store in Belgium this year! Not in Brussels but in Antwerp, but that´s ok, Antwerp´s not far at all! :-D

22 Jan 2014

By the Scheldt

How lovely is Antwerp during winter time! Actually any time... I spent a year there and let´s face it, I have a big crush on this city. :-) I made these shots on the banks of the river Scheldt, catching a glimpse of the setting sun... What do you think of my slightly androgynous muffled-up outfit?

20 Jan 2014

Horse Skirt

My new skirt from designer Sarah Josis is made out of vintage silk with a lovely "Hermès-style" horse pattern. What do you think? I can´t wait for spring to wear it! :-)