29 Jan 2014

Crazy Legs

Recently I moved to a new apartment and this way I came across many "treasures" that were lying forgotten in the deep bottom of my old wardrobe (and frankly speaking, in many cases there was a good reason for that). And these slightly crazy never-worn two-tone tights are a discovery of such kind. Well, I don´t plan to start wearing them on a daily basis, but I think they deserve their little "moment of glory" on the blog... :-)

27 Jan 2014

Stars Around

A weekend walk around the Berlaymont, the headquarters of the European Commission...

24 Jan 2014

All the Stories

For already some time, I have been seeing + admiring clothes from the brand & Other Stories worn by other fashion bloggers or in fashion magazines... But when I entered its store in Stockholm for the first time, I´ve completely fallen in love! Its clothes, shoes and accessories are just incredibly stylish, original and, in addition, for reasonable prices... In Stockholm, I bought this blue neoprene skirt (already here) and an incredible black hat (here), that´s all that the strict baggage conditions of Ryanair allowed me, and I waited patiently for sales. And this is what I finally ordered: a super cozy and warm woolen sweater and a pair of cool silver pumps. And you know what´s the best news? Stories are gonna open a store in Belgium this year! Not in Brussels but in Antwerp, but that´s ok, Antwerp´s not far at all! :-D

22 Jan 2014

By the Scheldt

How lovely is Antwerp during winter time! Actually any time... I spent a year there and let´s face it, I have a big crush on this city. :-) I made these shots on the banks of the river Scheldt, catching a glimpse of the setting sun... What do you think of my slightly androgynous muffled-up outfit?

20 Jan 2014

Horse Skirt

My new skirt from designer Sarah Josis is made out of vintage silk with a lovely "Hermès-style" horse pattern. What do you think? I can´t wait for spring to wear it! :-)

18 Jan 2014

15 Jan 2014

"K" for "Klara"

It was quite warm in Brussels last week, no snow, no rain, occassionally sunny... But just as I "borrowed" my boyfriend´s new shades, a rain shower came so quickly that I didn´t even have time to put them off. Yeah, stealing is a bad bad thing! :-P
About this sweater, well I confess, the main reason why I got it is the big "K" logo. Kenzo + Karl, these are my brands... :-)

13 Jan 2014

Susanna Oh Susanna!

Chloé Susanna Boots

The only thing I am able to say about my new pink Susanna boots from Chloé is that sometimes even the craziest fashion dreams come true. I bless you sales! 

P.S. Thank you guys for your sweet comments in the previous post with my grandma! Thanks to these my grandma couldn´t be that mad at me in the end haha! 

11 Jan 2014

Christmas Time in Prague

In Café Imperial / "U Pohlreicha" :-)

OK, I´m in trouble now... But despite my granny´s strict ban I just cannot resist to upload photos with her, they´re too nice! :-) 
I went to Czech for Christmas and spent really nice time with my family and friends there. And with my dear grandma we took a walk in historical Prague, enjoyed its lovely cafés on a café-crawl and saw Carmen in the State Opera. 

10 Jan 2014

Camel on Black, Black on Camel

What can I say, it seems like my jumping mania´s back! Guys, I´m so excited about my new stuff - a wonderful shawl (I wear it like every day since I received it!), heart-printed bag and hat from Stockholm. On the contrary, my jacket, boots and jeans are rather old, the first two items are even from 2008. And I hope they´re gonna last long as I´m quite emotionally attached to them. :-) What are your old and new favourites?

8 Jan 2014

Light Blue Pull

I shot this outfit for the Studio 53 competition when I was trying to win a dress (see here). In the end I didn´t win. I finished second and I fairly admit that it´s totally unfair because I really needed to win haha! Ok, just joking. :-) You can check the winning picture here.
Hmmm I should have ironed the sweater before wearing it, I thought it´s gonna look ok when pulled on but it doesn´t at all. :-)

5 Jan 2014

My NYE Dress

This is my NYE outfit. I took these pictures in advance because I was sure I´d have no time during the NYE preparations (and I was right, of course). :-) For the evening I opted for more sheer tights which I think fit better with the dress than the heavier ones.

3 Jan 2014


Although I don´t make any New-Year´s resolutions, there´s one thing about myself I´d like to generally improve, let´s call it a whole-year intention/wish. So, I´d like to manage my time more efficiently, get rid of my backlogs and, of course, stop procrastinating. Well let´s see how it goes. :-) I´ve started with going through all the emails I received during Christmas, and I´m also trying to catch up with my blog because lately I´ve made plenty of photos and I think it would be a pity to keep them just in my laptop. So here are some of them, portraits from Jan Fikacek. 

2 Jan 2014

Christmas and New-In

And Christmas is over... Did you guys have a nice Christmas time? And what about gifts, did you find what you wished for under the Christmas tree? Here are my newcomers I´m excited about, some of them I received for Christmas and others I bought myself during the recent travels to London and Stockholm.

1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish you guys all the best in 2014, may all your dreams come true!