25 Feb 2014

Granny in Brussels!

My beloved granny came to Brussels to visit me and we had the best time together - discovering the city, going on trips around Belgium and enjoying each other. Hope she´s gonna visit me soon again! 
As always, my grandma forbid me to show her pictures on the blog so I won´t do that (such a pity!) except of this photo of us which even she agreed is too nice to be left apart. :-)

23 Feb 2014

DVF in Winter Time

When I got these mirror sunglasses, I thought I would only wear in summer but eventually they became my favourite shades for this winter. But how can I resist them? They somehow fit with almost everything, from denim to a classic wrap dress, like this one from Diane von Furstenberg.

21 Feb 2014

Blanket? Scarf?

What do you think of my new maxi scarf? I got it recently in sales in Zara Men and it´s a highly practical piece which can be used also as a blanket. :-) Photographed just before I got sick. 

18 Feb 2014

Dear Ralph (Lauren)

As I´m still sick and stuck in bed, the only things that save me from a total boredom are watching the Winter Olympics and the ongoing fashion weeks. When checking the photos from New York, I came across the new collection of Ralph Lauren. And I would like to tell Ralph and his team that if ever they don´t know what to do with that beautiful powder-pink furry coat, it would do great in my wardrobe. :-) Btw, I wouldn´t mind those beautiful white pants and turtleneck, too. And, dear Ralph, the same goes for any other piece from your wonderful the collection. ;-) Simply stunning! 

17 Feb 2014

My Boyfriend´s Fashion Blog

That´s what I call a serious competition... :-) Some days ago, my boyfriend, dressed and (unlike me) ready to go, super bored, looks at me as I´m standing in the front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear, and says:

15 Feb 2014

Valentine´s Nails

Hey guys, how did you spend St. Valentine´s Day? Me, I couldn´t enjoy it at all as I´m sick with a terrible tonsilitis... So, I got my nails beautifully done on Thursday and now I can only look at them while staying in bed... Can´t be fed up more! Thank God for the Winter Olympic Games, at least I have something to watch... Go Czech! :-)

14 Feb 2014

Dots, Hearts, Houndstooth

Black and white - what a timeless and elegant combination! In this outfit I decided to spice it up a little with three different patterns - polka dots, houndstooth and hearts on the bag...

Happy Valentine´s Day everyone! :-)

12 Feb 2014


Hey guys, how have you been? Sorry for the break, but I swear I have a good reason for that! These days I have been studying for a defence of my doctoral thesis - a last step to obtain a Doctor of Law degree at the Charles University in Prague - and I succeeded! Yeahhhh I´m sooo happy! 

4 Feb 2014

Hello Rocco Baby

My thrill for the Rocco bag from Alexander Wang is not a new thing... The problem was that I longed for Rocco in "elephant gray", a last-season colour which is not that easy to get anymore, especially in Europe. Finally I was lucky enough to find mine on Monnier Frères. This eshop offers a great choice but delivers only to the UK, Italy, France and Germany, but fortunately I have a network of understanding fashion enthusiasts who are ready to help. ;-) My BIG THANKS to everyone involved!