31 Mar 2014


Hi guys, how have you been? I spent a great but pretty busy weekend, on Saturday I walked a fashion show of Sarah Josis for spring/summer 2014 (photos soon!) and on Sunday I went sightseeing with my friend Katka who came to visit me in Brussels (finally!). :-)
What about you, did you spend a good weekend? 
And what do you think of my outfit? You could have seen this cashmeer dress already here, but this is the first time I´m wearing it with a belt.

28 Mar 2014

Between the Doors

A combination of powder pink and light grey is one of my favourite for this season. Such a lovely soft match, what do you think?

24 Mar 2014

Gold Sequin Dress

Hi guys, sorry for the today´s post in Czech! I just have no time to write more today. Hope you like the outfit anyway. It´s one of my fav party dresses! :-)

20 Mar 2014

Hello Spring!

The original intention - a simple, light-coloured outfit with no heels. The result - a gray pioneer. :-))) Well, I have to admit that I like the result anyway. :-)

17 Mar 2014

A Flowerbed

I really dig this dress from Zara (and I do so despite my suspicion that it makes me look like a spring flowerbed)... :-)

14 Mar 2014

Horses in the Park

The weather has been really wonderful this week, such a beautiful warm spring has come to Belgium. Which also means that it´s finally time to put on my new silk horse skirt from a Belgian designer Sarah Josis, which was hanging in my closet and waiting for its moment since January.

12 Mar 2014

10 Mar 2014

Golden Mykita Again

The second outfit with gold mirror sunglasses from Mykita is quite different from the previous one - simple lines, minimum of accessories and a classic beige-black colour combination free of patterns.

8 Mar 2014

Midas´ Girl


Today´s golden-toned outfit is inspired by my futuristic shades from Mykita. These sunglasses represent a perfect symbiosis of two trends I really like - mirrored shades and golden accessories.

5 Mar 2014


This time I matched my pink coat with a flower dress from Zara (which combined with a black cashmeer sweater actually looks like a skirt).

1 Mar 2014

Big Scarf, Red Shoes

Hey guys, ready for the weekend? :-) Today I´d like to show you another outfit with the maxi scarf, this time matched with suede wedges. These shoes don´t appear on the blog very often, which is quite strange given how much I actually wear them...